Welcome to the luxurious bakeshop of Sprinkled with Love. Bringing you beautiful, delicious cakes and treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. These impeccable desserts not only taste divine but will be the center of attention at your next big celebration. Wow your guests at your next special event with these uniquely homemade, handcrafted, from scratch desserts !

Founder & Owner

Hi there! I’m Kimari, the founder and owner of Sprinkled with Love LLC. An at-home bakeshop bringing you custom desserts for your every need.

I have previously been in the bakery industry roughly 15 years prior with the majority of that time spent in the cupcake and pastry field. After many years of schooling, getting married, and having my second child, I decided to continue my love for creating delicious custom desserts out of my kitchen. Since I’ve always had a strong art background, it only made sense to combine it with baking.

I believe anything can be a canvas and would love nothing more than to be able to provide that extra something special for your biggest life events!

Custom Cakes

Sprinkled with Love specializes in luxurious buttercream cakes thoughtfully embellished to bring your cake visions to life. Using premium quality ingredients, we not only aim to fulfill flavor-driven results but to also be the highlight of your unique celebration.

Custom Cookies

These luxurious boutique cookies are meticulously designed and handcrafted, fully customized for your specific event. Not only will they look gorgeous, but they are also delicious, soft giving you the perfect bite.

Custom Treats

These custom desserts are the perfect sweet and delicate treats to satisfy your sweet tooth all while being adorned with unique details for your special event